Selecting Dining Options in Aventura, Florida

Located in central Florida in the town of Aventura, there are numerous restaurants offering a variety of dishes to satisfy any palate. The Aventura Chef offers many gourmet cuisine items from around the world including:

The Golden Door Food & Wine bar is a gourmet cuisine restaurant with fine dining furniture and area. There is an array of seats for your perusal from single seats, luxurious two-seaters and four-seaters, and even the ideal table for four that will serve four people. The ambiance is pleasant and enticing and the decorations add the style that creates the perfect ambiance for enjoying the feast.

Dine in the Golden Door when you come to Florida and savor a plate of delectable dishes that make you want to go back again. Aventura Chef also has an elegant lounge seating option as well as a private dining room and cocktail lounge.

Dining at The Plaza is relaxing and enjoyable as you are served a variety of dishes of delightful variety. The buffet breakfast selections are to die for, featuring pastries, biscuits, crackers, juice, coffee, and plenty of food. The Dinette is a nice diner choice and the much more sophisticated The Kitchens offer up an excellent variety of pub favorites and appetizers. The spectacular views from both of these Dining options make it an ideal place to enjoy a great breakfast and lunch or dinner.

The Plaza offers dining with a view of the St Johns River and the Atlantic Ocean. Dinette has a great menu as well as great service. The Plaza is also a convenient location to explore the surrounding area that includes: Aventura, Miramar, Miramar Gardens, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Hollywood, Boynton Beach, Pinellas Park, Delray Beach, Pompano Beach, Boynton Beach and Miami Beach.

For an intimate dinner, you can choose between several different types of dining rooms. They offer a lounge that looks over the water and a private dining room that is located right next to it. Both have the standard overhead showings and all of the natural light you need. You can enjoy a formal setting with an exquisite table cloth and a comfortable chair with a beautiful display and pillow covers that will match.

The City Grill offers food tastings by local chefs on a regular basis and has a very welcoming ambiance. The foods are made in house and fresh every day. One of the biggest draws to the City Grill is the alcoholic beverages served.

Dining at The Plaza is fun and exciting and offers a little bit of everything from Brazilian to Southern Italian and Hawaiian. No matter what you are looking for you will find it at The Plaza!